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Weapons Charges

Massachusetts has strict gun and weapons possession laws. If you do not have an F.I.D. card and are convicted of carrying a firearm, you face a mandatory minimum 18-month house of correction sentence. A mandatory minimum sentence means that the judge has no discretion to impose a lighter sentence or to provide probation instead of a period of incarceration. The minimum mandatory penalties are heightened if you have prior convictions for similar offenses.

Massachusetts also prohibits possession of a firearm without an F.I.D. card. Though there is no mandatory minimum sentence associated with possession of a firearm, if convicted in District Court, the court still has discretion to impose up to 2 1/2 years in the house of correction. You can be charged with unlawful possession of a firearm if a handgun is found in your vehicle during a motor vehicle stop. Massachusetts also criminalizes carrying other weapons, including the following: stiletto, dagger, switch blade, certain knives (including any knife with a double-edged blade), slingshot, blowgun, blackjack, brass/metallic knuckles, nunchaku.

Defense Representation

As experienced weapons charges lawyer, I have successfully defended these cases by filing and arguing a motion to suppress the weapon or firearm from evidence. I zealously defend my clients’ rights to be free from unlawful searches and seizures pursuant to the U.S. Constitution and the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights. A skilled attorney experienced with weapons cases may successfully challenge the police officers’ stop or search of a car, or the officers’ search of a house or a person. If a motion to suppress evidence fails, a zealous defense lawyer may still persuade a judge or jury that the Commonwealth failed to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the client knowingly and unlawfully possessed the weapon.

My track record of success with high-stakes motions to suppress speaks for itself. Contact my Worcester office today to schedule a consultation. Call me today at 508-793-2000.