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Call Today, Free Consultation.
Office: 508-793-2000
Mobile: 508-241-9000

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Fierce Negotiation And Litigation

When it comes to a legal conflict involving your business, corporation or other type of business entity, it is absolutely critical to your success and future that you obtain a lawyer skilled and experienced with these types of legal matters. An attorney who can both fiercely negotiate on your behalf as well as represent you in the courtroom if litigation ensues.

Do you have a business litigation matter in Massachusetts? Contact me for a free consultation. You can also call my office at 508-793-2000.

I am Worcester business litigation attorney Nicole Colby Longton. I have significant experience with all types of litigation, including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Business formation disputes
  • Partnership and other business entity disputes
  • Licensing disputes
  • Commercial disputes
  • Trade secrets
  • Breach of employment contracts
  • Disputes arising out of employment relationships
  • Employee agreements/noncompete contracts

I help businesses with all types of commercial matters, protecting their interests and minimizing risks. I understand that the future of your business is the most important end-result for your legal matter and always keep that in mind while creating a catered business litigation strategy for you and your company. Using my extensive background in civil litigation with a major Boston law firm, I provide each of my business clients with real-world experience and real confidence in tackling challenging legal matters.

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Do you have a breach of contract case or other legal business matter in Massachusetts? Contact me for a free consultation. I can answer any questions about your particular business matter and help you reach an effective solution.

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