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Representation At Clerk Magistrate Hearings

A clerk’s hearing, also known as a “show cause” hearing, is when a defendant appears before a clerk magistrate to determine if there is probable cause to find that the defendant committed a crime. Usually, the defendant will receive a notice in the mail that lists the time and date of the hearing. It is very common for people to be asked to attend a clerk’s hearing for crimes such as drug possession, traffic violations, shoplifting, or misdemeanor violent crimes.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer For A Clerk’s Hearing?

The objective of a clerk’s hearing is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to press charges against the defendant. The importance of this hearing cannot be overstated! If the clerk finds that there is enough evidence to bring a criminal case against the defendant, then he or she will be charged and the matter will be scheduled for arraignment. This could lead to a number of adverse legal penalties, including time in jail, probation, community service, and driver’s license suspension. The only way to ensure your rights and freedoms are protected is to hire a criminal defense lawyer who understands the most effective ways to represent clients at clerk’s hearings.

I am Worcester criminal defense lawyer Nicole Colby Longton. I have extensive experience and past success with all types of criminal defense matters, including clerk magistrate hearings.

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Read the following reviews from former clients who were represented by my law office at clerk magistrate’s hearings:

“Fortunately we were referred to Nicole Longton during a very difficult time in our lives. No one in our family had ever previously broken the law so we lacked experience in criminal matters. Our teenage son had broken the law due to an undiagnosed mental health issue. Nicole prepared us for a pretrial hearing in juvenile court by focusing on who our son really was a good student, a community volunteer and someone who had acted completely out of character. She presented my son and our family as decent people and communicated to those involved (court officials and police) that my son was temporarily troubled and still had excellent prospects for a viable future. Naturally, we were concerned not only about treatment for our son but also his prospects of getting into college. Nicole was able to arrange with the court a pretrial probation for my son, which meant that a juvenile record would not affect his future admission prospects or financial aid. My son received treatment and successfully completed his year on probation and has successfully attended college. Nicole Longton made all the difference in the world in setting my son back on the path to success. My family wholeheartedly endorses Nicole to anyone in need of her services.”

“Nicole was extremely thorough and I was impressed with her professional cool demeanor in front of the magistrate. Her concern for our son’s future and wanting to clear all charges before they could prevent him from really starting his life is commendable. She did an incredible job and I would recommend her to anyone.”

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