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Probation Violation Can Be Problematic

If a person is convicted of a crime after a trial, or enters a plea, he/she will be sentenced by the court. Many times, the court will impose a sentence that includes probation. The sentence may include “straight probation” or a “suspended sentence” where a specific period of incarceration is suspended; in order for the incarceration to remain suspended, the person must adhere to the terms of his/her probation.

An experienced and aggressive criminal defense lawyer like me, attorney Nicole Colby Longton, can make a substantial difference in whether you can stay on probation or whether you will have to serve a committed sentence for violating.

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Probationary terms frequently require the person to check in with his/her probation officer on a regular basis, and abstain from committing further crimes. Other terms, including random drug and alcohol testing, or court-mandated classes such as anger management, may be added.

  • If you have been sentenced to probation and are either accused of violating probation or believe your actions may constitute a violation, get help from an experienced lawyer.
  • If a person fails to comply with the terms of his/her probation, or if a person commits a crime while on probation, he/she can face something called a violation of probation hearing. After a person has violated his/her probation, he/she will have to go back to court.
  • At court, a judge will review the person’s case and listen to testimony from the person’s probation officer. If the judge determines that the individual violated his/her probation, he/she may be subject to enhanced sentencing and the loss of probation. The person may have to serve a suspended jail sentence, pay hefty fines, or adhere to additional probationary terms.

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