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Vehicular Homicide Charges Require Dedicated Attention

Any motor vehicle accident causing death is a horrendous experience for all involved. And if you are accused of negligently or recklessly causing someone’s death in a car accident, you can be charged with motor vehicle homicide (vehicular homicide) or manslaughter by motor vehicle under Massachusetts law.

The worry about going to jail is further compounded by the worry about what people will think of you. How will you be judged by your family, friend and peers? If you were drinking and driving, what type of social stigma will you face for most likely the remainder of your life.

At this critical time, you need to enlist the help of an attentive and dedicated defense attorney like me, attorney Nicole Colby Longton. I can fight vigorously on your behalf and will not stop seeking the best possible outcome.

Contact me in Worcester today and schedule a free consultation.

If you are accused of leaving the scene of an injury resulting in death, or if you were allegedly impaired from drugs or alcohol during the accident, the criminal charges and potential penalties increase.

When you or a loved one is facing serious motor vehicle charges, you need an aggressive and experienced lawyer to fight on your behalf. Please contact me, Dudley, East Brookfield, and Worcester attorney Nicole Colby Longton immediately for a free and confidential legal defense consultation and case evaluation. Call me today at 508-793-2000.