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Atty Longton is getting an A++ recommendation from me! Her understanding of the law and helping to navigate while we (the client) are under stress is beyond description.


I have referred Nicole several criminal and civil cases that involve complex and sensitive issues over the past several years. She handled each of them professionally and cost effectively. The clients were entirely satisfied and appreciated the referral. I cannot recommend Nicole more enthusiastically and will be referring work to her in the future. When Nicole is retained by one of my clients, I am confident she will provide superior service, which will reflect well on me. JOHN M.


I found myself in a bit of trouble and needed help fast. Nicole was the only lawyer that responded in a timely manner and was able to help ASAP. Her fees were some of the cheapest around as well. She informed me of all the possible scenarios that could play out in court and she had a response to everyone of them. I received the minimum fines and got exactly what I was looking for with Nicole representing me. I would recommend her to anyone in legal trouble.


I was faced with some serious criminal charges that would have ruined my career and needed to find an attorney who would protect my future. I was due in court on Tuesday morning and reached out to her on Saturday. She quickly responded and from that point on, the matter was entirely in her hands. When I appeared in court, she had arranged to have the charges dismissed. She’s a quick-thinking, savvy defense attorney and I would recommend her to anyone needing legal assistance. M.E.


There are so many words to describe Nicole. The one word that stands out the most is CARING. She cares and takes her time with every case she works. My boyfriend and I have been using Nicole as a lawyer for over a year for personal injury and some serious criminal charges. No matter what my boyfriends background she never once judged him she actually fought really hard for him to receive no jail time. I will always use Nicole as a lawyer and always refer to all my family and friends. Thanks for everything Nicole. K.W.


I am a college student who got myself in a couple of sticky situations in the past year, but I was fortunate enough to have had Nicole represent me both times. On both occasions she was extremely knowledgeable of the situation and the possible outcomes and made me feel as comfortable as possible given the uncertainty ahead, which was important to me. She is trustworthy and responds quickly despite her undoubtedly busy schedule. She was able to identify the tactics needed to best avoid any serious charges, and was familiar enough with the process and the players involved in the courthouse so as to execute them effectively. I couldn’t be happier with the outcome of either situation, and would recommend Nicole to anyone in need of a top-notch attorney. B.U.


I hired Nicole in order to deal with an issue I had my employer accusing me of theft and then subsequently firing me. Nicole was able to handle my case and prevent any external databases from obtaining my information. I was never charged with a crime, however, I needed to protect my reputation as I am planning on obtaining a state-issued license when I graduate from school. She was very efficient, professional, and honest and definitely not at all one those “sleazy” lawyers. I know she worked hard for my case and I appreciate that. Great lawyer… if you’re in a bind and serious about protecting your future and getting the best case scenario, I highly recommend Nicole Longton.S.R.


She was very honest and clear and informed me with all the sides I could face in my case..kept me updated all the time..
Very Clever!

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